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Terms and conditions

Our limited labor warranty in regard to correcting defects in our workmanship is 6 months for replaced parts. If a part fails owing to a manufacturer’s defect, however, our labor is covered for 6 months. There is no warranty against additional or more extensive repairs, against other problems that may occur on the same machine (even if involving what appear to be identical symptoms), or against incidental damages. We provide a 6-month warranty for each part we've replaced. If the customer provides their own parts we won’t be able to give you any kind of warranty.

Service Call Fee

The service call fee is the cost to have a technician come to your place, perform diagnostics and provide a repair estimate. If you decide to proceed with the given estimate, the service call fee will go toward the total repair cost. Your total costs will include labor plus any parts and applicable sales tax. If you decline the repair, you will still be responsible for the service call fee.

Payment and Conditions of Service Provision
It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with terms of service at the time of scheduling and prior to allowing our technician to commence provision of service. Scheduling of service with us implies full acceptance of our terms and conditions as detailed, as does allow our technician to commence service. Acting either for yourself or for the party listed on electronic or paperwork order/ job sheet, you agree to pay all the following where applicable: any unpaid balance upon completion, 24% APR Interest and service charges on any past due balance, a $25 service fee if your check or credit card is not honored by the bank, necessary handling and return charges if your work order is canceled in an untimely fashion, and any necessary collection costs, including attorney’s fees. Payment is due on the provision of service unless terms have been agreed or other previous arrangements have been made.

Cancellation of Service
When scheduling service with us, we specifically take time out a technician's day to call on your location and service your product. When you forget, cancel, or change your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waitlist miss the opportunity to receive services which in turn results in a loss of revenue which cannot be recovered. Consequently, we reserve the right to charge equal to 100% of the service call amount for any appointment missed, canceled, or changed without 24 hours notice or otherwise mutually agreed.

Damage Waivers
It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with waivers we have in place surrounding the provision of any services we provide. These waivers are applicable for all work performed and are assumed and accepted once you allow our technician to commence the provision of service.

Waiver of Damages When Moving Appliance
You understand there is an inherent risk in such movement.  There is a risk of damage to the machine itself, and to areas surrounding its installation, including but not limited to flooring, cabinetry and countertops.  You acknowledge the technician is not required to move the appliance.  In exchange for his willingness to do so, you promise to hold faultless, both the technician and Hi-5 Appliance Repair, from any and every liability associated with any such damage as may occur in connection with this movement.

Waiver of Damages When Working with Water
You understand the machinery that’s being worked on is connected with the building’s plumbing system, and whenever any machinery is so connected, there is an inherent risk that component failure, imperfect connections and/or other faults could result in unintended leakage and/or flooding within the building, causing significant and sometimes catastrophic damage.  Excepting for cases of gross, clearly proven, and explicitly identifiable carelessness by the technician, you promise to hold harmless Hi-5 Appliance Repair, its principals, agents and employees from any and all damages, harms or liability that may result from such an occurrence.  By allowing the technician to commence work, you explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Waiver of Damages from Failed Cooling
You understand that, like any machinery, refrigeration equipment consists of a multiplicity of complex components, any of which can fail without warning, and that any effort to service and/or repair the same carries inherent risk. Diagnoses are not always straightforward, and, even when carefully performed, repair and/or service work may involve imperfections that result in failure of the machinery to perform as intended.  Such failures may lead to food spoilage, discomfort, inconvenience, and (particularly in commercial contexts) even loss of revenue as associated with canceled or failed events, inability to service customers, etc.  You acknowledge that, by undertaking to service and/or repair your equipment, Hi-5 Appliance Repair is not accepting responsibility for any such risks.  You agree all such risks are your own (and/or your company’s) alone, and you agree to hold harmless and exempt from liability Hi-5 Appliance Repair, it’s agents and employees from any and all such harms. By allowing the technician to commence work, you explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Waiver of Damages from Lifting Glass Cook Top
You understand that, in lifting a glass/ceramic cooktop surface to access components below it, there is an inherent risk of breakage.  The top is attached with strong adhesive, and it is not always possible to achieve separation without the surface fracturing.  While expecting the technician to exercise every due level of care, You nevertheless recognize that the Technician and Hi-5 Appliance Repair explicitly refrain from accepting any responsibility for these risks.  You agree all such risks are your own (and/or your company’s) alone, and you agree to hold harmless and exempt from liability Hi-5 Appliance Repair, it’s agents and employees from any and all such responsibility.  By allowing the technician to commence work, you explicitly waive the right to any contrary claim.

Basic Appliance Installation Terms and Conditions

Our standard install charge covers the following:


Removal and/or installation of an appliance, without the need to disturb/remove cabinetry, countertops, flooring or any other fixture. It does not include modification, and repair of a gas, water valves, drains, power receptacles, electrical junction boxes, and dryer vents. It is the responsibility of a customer to ensure systems for a supply of gas and water, electrical, drainage, venting, etc. meet local building codes, and are available to facilitate installation using standard materials associated with the install of that type of appliance.

Hi-5 Appliance Repair does not install, modify or correct problems with services necessary to facilitate installation. These include but are not limited to an electrical supply, water supply, water drainage, gas supply, dryer air vents, ventilation systems to facilitate cooling and/or safe operation of equipment installed.

We assume and accept that an area, systems or services which have been provided to accommodate an appliance installation have been prepared to conform to the needs of the appliance and meet all applicable regulatory requirements and codes. We do not verify correct ventilation, electrical, water supply, water drainage requirements have been met specifically to the appliance installed.

If Hi-5 Appliance Repair is supplying appliance, doorways, hallways, etc. must allow sufficient clearance to move the unit into the install location.

Installation charge quoted does not include the cost of materials such as vent hoses, water lines, gas lines, hoses, fittings, etc.

Where 2 people are required to install an appliance, such as with stacked dryer/washers and wall ovens, this will incur an additional service charge in addition to the charge for a basic install.

If we come to perform an install and find that installation cannot proceed and cannot be corrected while on-site due to any one of the above criteria not being met, our standard service call will be due.

Refusal of Service:
Hi-5 Appliance Repair reserves the right to refuse service to a customer at the service technician’s discretion. The customer will be held liable for a service fee.

Service will be refused if:

- a customer cannot accommodate a service technician,

- a customer is being disrespectful or belligerent,

- a service technician feels threatened in any way or form,

- a customer is not properly dressed upon arrival of a service technician.

- a customer has been or is being disruptive,

- a customer harasses the service technician,

- there are health and safety concerns,

- a customer refuses to pay for services

- a customer is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs or illegal drugs are present.

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